Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Guild Challenges

Being a small guild, gaining levels isn't the easiest prospect. With times of only four players online at any one time, our biggest weekly contributor is often whichever alt has currently hit Cataclysm content and is blasting Naga or helping Druids with abandon.

Cue another average Wednesday evening and by chance many of us were online, so henceforth to Stonecore we did saunter, with only one pugged member (DPS). It was immensely enjoyable to have a nearly all guild run for a change. Despite a tank who'd never done the dungeon before, several changed 'Locks and a Kitty with a healing fetish (a story for next time); we pushed through and got a Guild Challenge completion plus some XP and 'phat lootz' for Crag.

Now this wasn't our first challenge completion (that was a week or two prior during another Crag boost), but it got me to thinking about their effective use for the guild. Fortunately, with these bonuses applying to any dungeon done as a guild, it was time to start the milking.

The next evening we capped out for the week on Dungeon Challenges netting us a useful 2.1 million Guild XP. While this is really just a drop in the ocean at higher levels and a negligible addition to the total for some other larger guilds, it is undoubtedly a boon for us.

When we consider the number of alts my guildies and I have, we're often running around in groups for quests or dungeons (it helps to roll a trio group each time, saves on queue time) at some point or another. This way, our lowbies get their XP and gear, plus the guild gains levels and achievements.

Now I just need 9 more targets/Red Shirts dubious Battleground Conqueror's to start another milk farm.

For those interested...

...Swear Allegiance

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