Friday, 22 July 2011

Massively Multiplayer online Community - digital dreams, realised.

Wrath of the Lich King... Yeah, what we need y'all to do is kill The Lich King, because he's taking over the world with an army of undead!

Deathwing! Yes, we're glad you brought him up! What we would really like you to do is mess his shit up quite a lot, because he's all kinds of bad.... do you think you could do that for us?

The Titans, Blizzard, (f you've got your tinfoil hat on, The Old Gods,) ask a great deal from the WoW community.

The Call To Arms would seem to suggest that the WoW-verse is lacking in those that, while they would answer the official call alone, would work together to make joining ass-kicking in Azeroth a reality. Blizzard obviously feel the need to bribe the community at large to jump in and help their fellow man achieve what they are hopping for... Thankfully the same appears not to be said for the greater WoW community, PODcasters, Bloggers, Tweeters and G+ members.

Why? Because while the average PUG isn't willing to run the risk of whipping with a PUG-raid that hasn't got all the right 'cheives, the amazing folk who love Warcraft for the Massively Multilayer part of the world rather than the 'whats in it for me' attitude, have made a mans dream come true with an early wedding gift of nothing other than Frostmorne (see Arthas - if you made friends it'd be so much easier!).

Medros will see his dream come true and on the happiest day of his life. Will indulge our favourite hobby and cut his cake with the Rune Blade Frostmorne, because of the awesome support from the WoW community!

And it goes to show while we may all suffer the single player mentality within game, those of us willing to 'come out', willing to jump into the bigger WoW community of twitter, flickr, blogs, podcasts, are only going to discover a huge group of friends waiting to happen, because so many people love this world and love people who love this world as well!

...and as Medros has shown, a few good friends can make all the difference!

On that note - check out Dawnforge productions for more awesome community Podcasts, but remember to

...Swear Allegiance

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