Friday, 5 August 2011

WoW Yourself

Literally translate yourself into WoW

I don't mean jump into RP, I mean take a good long look at yourself and translate yourself into a WoW archetype, see if you are playing a role or role-playing your self in another world.

What do I mean? Well lets do me:

I'm new in WoW, what am I?

Well I'm human, but we're all that, so that's ignored... so what am I? Well I'm 5'9 mid-to-short for my race, I'm square built with muscle and wide shoulders... I like a drink and have a British appreciation for the art of brewing drinks, I'm half Scotish, that's a large hint!
I'm religious, a liberal christian, the Holy Light would be a friend to me then, but... I don't think I'd ever want to be all up in a fight, no sir, I like to be well away from trouble, making a difference knowing I'm well away from harm (yes, I'm a coward, because it's sensible to be one!)... now add to that I'm pretty good with a rifle (even if I think gun ownership is /insane/!) and I'm a huge dog person. Oh, and I can only play good guys.... can't get my head around even marginally bad good guys.

Okay so that's my map, and you know what? My first character was an Alliance Paladin... I didn't like it because I don't like melee DPS, I'm not a natural gamer and having lots to worry about panics me and I make mistakes.
What am I next most like, an animal loving Dwarf with a gun! Bam! That's me. In this respect my main and I are unsurprisingly the choice I go for most in RPGs.

I translate into game pretty damn well.

On the other hand, other classes I enjoy playing? Holy Priest... I love the way priest mechanics work, I feel like I might actually be a more natural healer than anything else, but I haven't had much time with this...

and Rogue although I haven't played one past level 20, and dislike melee DPS, Rogues are the exception to the rule, because they are never the centre of attention and can stealth through everything, I really like them as a potential

So there we are then, WoW yoursef out: I'm mainly a short stocky animal loving, heavy drinking Dwarf Hunter, I probably follow the Holy Light, and have a simple pet that I have a big bond with, rather than a flashy one. I'm an engineer, and despite my faith put my stock in a bloody big gun in my hand.

Yeah, that sounds like me. What about you? Who and what do you HONESTLY think you match up with?

Are you playing a spec you love but would never really be? Or are you a master of a character type you can only ever fantasise about – or even would hate in real life?

We want your answers guys!

Answers first, and then ....Swear Allegiance  

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