Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Frostmourne... hungers... for frosting!

Host with the most of Dawn Forge productions: All Things Azeroth and Group Quest (to name but a few) --Medros-- is about to earn the achievement "tying the knot" (or is that a feat of strength, oh I'm such a cynic) which while epic, I realise isnt actually news... but while the announcement itself may have come a few months ago there has been a frankly astonishing development: His fiance has agreed, yes... agreed that if he can actually raise the funds to buy it, he may cut their wedding cake, on the happiest day of their lives, with the mighty Frostmourne!

This 'aint no pastry slicer!

Thus, presumably, transubstantiating into a god of geekdom amongst us unwothy mortals... but, there is an obstical that may yet defeat our great hero; as in game, so in real life, frostmorne is both epic and rare and many matz' must be farmed to purchase this mighty weapon... the matz' in question? Dollars.

which without the waffel is my way of saying medros is rallying the wow community and listeners of his many awesome shows to give an early wedding presant of a donation to put down a deposit on, and purchase, one of the last remaining Frostmourne replicas on sale. Cutting his wedding cake with said blade and realising a dream thats been mention on the shows ever since the happy news was announced...

At the time of writing the kitty is more than a quarter full (which is awesome you guys) but there's a long way before frostmorne can hunger for cake! So if you're feeling generous and want to give an early wedding presant, head over to check out the info, and donate to the cause!

Which just leaves me to wish Medros the best of luck in his quest, wish them both every happiness, make them promise to share pictures of cakey goodness, and of course...

...Swear Allegiance!

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