Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Rolling in the Deep... End?

So, with the start of Swear Allegiance, a certain nameless hunter (who shall remain blatantly obvious) has been after content to 'start us off'; so here I sit on public transport and write in rapid spider like shorthand*

*I'll note now, that if any of this is illegible, its due to me being unable to read my own shorthand.**

**SERIOUSLY, its like a Tarantula buggered a Spirograph in a wild night of drunken, coke-addled debauchery. Either that or I've managed to accurately graph the severity of the pothole problem on a major Yorkshire inner-city bus route.

Anywhoo, as said hunter has also pushed me into Twitter (find his antics under #Cragsdirtylaundry) which has brought about a dislike of the common underscore. I am forced into using it on my twitter handle as another is still holding the other version of my username, so for now I shall remain quiet (Unless Twitter gains WoW-like Tweet Masters!). I have to wonder what can I add to the blogsphere.

Hopefully between my nonsensical rambling and Crag bashing (That's what she said...) I'll be able to talk about our small guild, it's fledgling RP universe and a few other nonsensical yet apt topics.

So in at the deep end we go...

...Swear Allegiance

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