Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Level 87 Elite Customer Service, (Or: Why I learned to stop worrying and kick the Warlock)

So a day after I write about total huntardy n00bishness (although as these will go up at the same time you’ll never know mwuhahaha) I fix my own dungeon based failings, only for my guildies and I to be reminded of the one thing worse than an unrepentant Huntard… bloody Warlocks!

Picking up an extra DPS on a guild run last night should have been an easy affair, but after 3 wipes and 2 kicked warlocks (to say nothing of the ones that left of their own accord after a bit of trolling), it seemed we were in agreement on the fact that one less DPS was better than one more warlock. Is there some sort of mindset that chooses to actively spend his time in game calling on the powers of the Burning Legion and skulking about in dark corridors just to see their trainers? Is it subsequently connected to a burning desire to be a total asshole when interacting with other human beings? The last Lock we had to kick before taking the boss on just the four of us, even stated he was allowed to be a bastard out of character because he was a warlock… the trolls, they’re role-playing now!

But.. (there I go doing that again) the tale of the trials in the Stonecore last night shall not be darkened by manner-less ‘Locks, oh no, tis’ a tale of great triumph… and not just our Paladin, tanking off-spec, pulling off some (mostly) stress-free tanking runs. It’s the fact I was on any runs at all…

At some point on a particularly rough and packed Tube ride home last night (that’s the London Underground FYI) I was apparently crushed or thrown against some surface solid enough to crack the LCD screen of my keyfob authenticator, it’s late night on a friday, Blizzard’s phone lines are playing a ‘closed’ message… there goes a bank holiday weekend of WoW thinks I. Not so! For I did tweet my plight, and a brave hero stepped up to take the Quest of The Broken Authenticator!

Which is to say that Blizzards EU customer service team, despite being officially off the clock according to their support lines, took up my tweet for help and after a quick details email where able to remove the now defunct authenticator from my account and set me up with the mobile authenticator app looking after my account security. Far from being locked out of Azeroth till business hours Tuesday morning, 10:30pm on a Friday evening and I’m back online. I take back my online moaning Blizz’ you’re Epic in my book.

(Said guild run touched on here inspired me to a bit of short story/RP writing, based on the characters in The Allegiance guild, I’ve got a few of these now, sitting around my hard drive… My guildies have suggested that they should appear on this blog as well, stay tuned)

…and Swear Allegiance!

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