Friday, 26 August 2011

Tree-Huggin' hippy crap!

So... 900,000 people have left WoW in the last 6 months. How does that make me a hippy? huh?

It's enough to get anyone sounding the death-knolls... except it's really not. A game like wow with 11million constant subscribers and 13million peek subscribers, is going to see variations of 900,000 all the time. Do I think that's made them step back and think? Yep! Do I think that makes Cata' a failed expansion? hell no! As someone who came in in Wrath but learnt the game from a much more long term player, I can happily say I loved both the difficulty ramp up, and Azeroth post Shattering to pre.

Just about everything felt dated and clunky in Wrath starting areas, I rolled a Space Goat, then a DK, to avoid the vanilla starting areas. All together I've rolled a Palladin, a DK tank, a Holy Preist, and my faithful Dwarf Hunter. Happy times. Righteous golden fury or mechanical pet-and-gun derived death. What more could you ask for?

Now, however, a leveling project with friends has seen me roll a Night Elf Druid... tall, poncey, glowy eyed, hippy, tree-hugger... it is the antithesis of my stout dwarf hunter with a gret' big feckin' gun!

Unfortunately Tree-huggin'-hippy-crap is turning out to be an awesome class. Thee only class that can not only heal/tank/dps but also chose between melee and ranged DPS... in fact one of the best DPS'ers in WoW at the moment (on US realms at least) plays a Boomkin.

This works out well for me because I have really enjoyed tanking in the past, I am surprised just how much I enjoy my first healer (holy priest), I know I like range DPS from my hunter but then again it'd be nice to get stuck in at close range.

It surprises me that Druid is the only class that can do EVERY role... this is also the one available to only 2 alliance classes...

To my mind Shamans should have a spec where they summon a stone elemental and tank along side that.

On that note, as BM remains a useless spec for Raid Hunters I belive it should be made into a ranged tanking spec.

It is at this point I refer you to an awesome post by one Matthew Rossi, where Warlock, Mage and the long needed Hunter Pet tanks are discussed. (Do this Blizzard!)

And then we come to Mist of Pandaria. Will this bring a Monk speck? If it does I can see the class being a melee DPS/Tank/ and Heal type, with the emphasis being on what they can do with their hands, in close combat or healing touches... Monks don't strike me as a ranged class, so Dr00ds will once again have a ridiculous share of the specs

In the mean time I'm the nature lovin' dr00d who keeps getting asked to slaughter innocent animals... they'll take away my tree-huggers card!

Cast regrowth, then

Swear Allegiance

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