Thursday, 1 September 2011

Free to (Role)play

So, my twelve month placement for university finished today. I promised myself and Raz that I'd pull my finger out and do some writing, so hear goes with a little idea I've been working on.

For those that read or listen to WoWcasts you may know that Raz can be a real sucker for WoW lore, he's a roleplayer at heart; hence all these little short stories scattered around the blog.

I, myself do enjoy RP but not generally in WoW (the shock!). I often create a persona for whatever character I'm currently playing, but don't often enact it.

For the last year WoW has been my relief, my downtime after many hours dealing with adolescents who've lost passwords or changed keyboards to spell a witty profanity. RP for me requires conscious thought (not something I can afford most days after work), making it hard to do in game when I'm trying to wind down.

Thinking back, one of my most enjoyable moments for roleplaying was an old PBEM (Play by Email) game based on Star Trek. In the fifteen minutes it took to compose a post and send it off, I could be in character and react how I like. It got me thinking, could I do this in WoW?

Raz and I are heavily invested in The Allegiance (myself especially), we may be on other servers or joining other guilds to branch out a little. But the Allegiance is always there, its given us a forum and a source of endless entertaining regardless of its Guild level. So I want to do the old girl some justice and maybe a new lease on life.

Our short stories have created back stories for many alts, such as Crag (& Stout) our beer swilling marksman. Olwenrhea, dubbed the "Bitch Queen of Knives", Selene our fantastic pocket druid (be it as the Feral fiend, healing or that emergency tank, she has it down) and my own Bert, who will be appearing really soon in the first installment of stories starting with his training.
I'd love to see all these branch out, but since we often play multiple characters it's a little hard to get them all together on the Stormwind Docks for a powwow.

So, the idea... Join the Allegiance and write your own story with us, outside the realms/game, even guest post on the blog. Lets start our own lore (maybe it will spill into the game) and still enjoy the game we all enjoy playing. Perhaps you know an erstwhile druid associate for Selene, a brother-in-arms for Bert and Vicheal or another member of the lost 1st Dwarven Rifles brigade?

Drop us a comment and let us know your idea, lets see if we can tempt some people over to the Allegiance. Worry not about your main hidden away on that PvP server, bring them over in words! Swear an oath and lets write our own expansion. You might want to join us eventually an put those words into practice!

So come on, comment and maybe you'll...

Swear Allegiance

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  1. In case anyone is confused we're looking to get some out of game RP play-by-email and maybe even Blog post short stories going of characters maybe you want to bring into the 'life-debt' Allegiance sworn ties of friendship that bind our characters in the short stories and in-game...

    You wouldn't need to worry about in game characters, just indulge your RP imagination with us.

    With, of course, every possibility that the out of game adventures could turn into epic guild events in game.

    The world is our Lobster folks!