Sunday, 20 November 2011

Swear Allegiance, and support!

Swear Allegiance would like to join the Blog Azeroth's awesome Thanks-Giving event (even though it's not a British holiday), by giving thanks to our friends and amazing bloggers: Rioriel, Gazimof and of course Mental Shaman

As well as the many other awesome posters in the WoW Bloggesphere. We want to say thanks to Postcards from Azeroth for capturing some of the most beautiful and haunting images from our game, to Mana Obscura for taking it beyond Azeroth and bringing us the latest from around the MMO world and to Pewter/Mental Shaman for taking it further still and highlighting the major causes the community should know about IRL.

And on that note Swear Allegiance swears allegiance to the efforts of the White Ribbon Campaign as well in relation to the saddening and horrible stories the community has heard about. It's a testiment to the friendship our game produces that we always come together to support each other and thank each other for their contribution to the community.

Thanks to all.

Swear Allegiance, swears allegiance!


  1. Heya! Thanks for joining in the fun! Great pictures! Good Luck with your entry!

  2. I loved those pictures!! :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Kudos for linking White Ribbon - happy thanksgiving !

  4. Glad you joined in, even if you do live across the pond ;)