Sunday, 4 December 2011

A Dwarf, a Night Elf and a Human walk into a bar...

The core members of The Allegiance are back together, after Crag took a long sebatical raiding with Earthen Pantheon on SWC (EU). To cellebrate the Dwarf announced they should all head to Iron Forge for 'A drink or two...'

So from all the fun of the Dark Moon Faire, the 3 did catch the tram to Iron Forge and partake in a little Dwarven hospitality...

Selen' got them started with a table dance...

Then some engineer thought to throw around some fireworks... in doors
I have no idea who THAT idiot was? Then some drunken fool suggested we go for a naked run around Iron Forge, I suspect at this point that not everyone can hold their drink as well as a Dwarf!

Selen' was on the noggenfodder, it didn't agree with her... Bert had taken to 'smoking the sinister squashling' o.0

But eventually too much grog got the better of us all!

And they sent in the rozzers to move us drunken fools along!

At thish point I'dnt care how many of youse 'am seein' yous all better Shwear Alleganche!

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